History of the Raintree Arts and Apple Shed

The Apple Shed is a 90 year old landmark in the town of Clarksville, and the Raintree Arts Council (RAC) has been taking care of it for the last 32 years! You can’t miss the Apple Shed, just off Highway 79 at the south end of town. It’s held many roles over the years. Today it functions as a dedicated location for art in Pike County.

The Apple Shed was donated to the Raintree Arts Council by Louis Mallin and Robert Mallin, for the development of a community wide cultural center. The following features make the Apple Shed a great local resource:

  • 120 seat staged theater
  • Large and small art display areas
  • Very large exposition area
  • Kitchen and food service area
  • Restrooms

The Raintree Arts Council is dedicated to providing an environment for art to flourish in rural Missouri. The RAC sponsors art and education programs; theater and music performances; and gallery exhibitions for all artistic genres, mediums, and ages. They’re here to help you perform and enjoy the arts.

If you’d like to perform or request a performance at the Apple Shed. Let us know. If you’re a performer, The Raintree Arts Council would love to have you perform. Otherwise, they’d love to hear your cultural wish-list.

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