Distinctive Gifts from Clarksville (Part 2)

Overlook Farm & Clarksville Station

DSC_0008 (428x640)

Overlook Farm’s Home-Made:

  • Apple Butter: $7.95
  • Blackberry Vinegar: $9.95
  • Tomato Marmalade: $7.95

Greenwell Furniture

DSC_0015 (640x428)

  • Made in Clarksville Hardwood Chopping Blocks & Cutting Boards: $30 – $85

Pirate’s Cove

DSC_0021 (428x640)

  • Feathered Jewelry
  • Assorted Purses
  • A One-Stop-Shop for All Your Bling at Affordable Prices!

Dawn of Creation Art Studio

  • Made in Clarksville, Glass, Copper Wire, & Beaded Designer Bugs: $18 w/ Wings;  $12 w/o Wings

Earth’s Heartbeat

DSC_0027 (640x428)

  • Assorted Retablos: $12 & up
  • Traditional Painted Drums: visit for prices

Stacy Leigh


  • Made in Clarksville Mustang Oiled Cowhide Leather Rustic Harness Tote or Shoulder Bag by Stacy Leigh: $315

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