Gimme MO Bloggin

Lunch and Blogging at Cool Beans Clarksville, MO

Lunch, Coffee, and a Blog

This blogging this is really wonderful! I started this blog less than a month ago and it’s already approaching 1000 visits! Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, it seems the right people are finding it! I’ve ran into other interesting writers and sites online like:

As well as the locals on the socials:

I’m learning more about many great communities, including Clarksville. It’s been a good reason to search the Library of Congress for local references like this great photo of the Lock and Dam in Clarkville:

Lock and Dam #24; Clarksville, MO

Lock and Dam #24; Clarksville, MO

Thanks for reading and sharing with your friends. Keep coming back. I plan for a lot more!


2 thoughts on “Gimme MO Bloggin

  1. Wow that lunch looks good! Is that from Cool Beans?
    They have great sandwiches and breakfasts and then of course there is their delicious coffee!

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