An Eagle’s Perch

DSC_1282 (532x800)I found this eagle perched in a tree just off highway 79 just north of the Clarksville Visitor Center yesterday. I’d guess there are 40+ eagles around the Clarksville Lock & Dam. Sometimes they fly across highway 79 and perch in the bluffs just north of town. Otherwise they’re fishing just south of the dam or perched in trees off Clarksville Island.

Local eagle watcher Ron told me, “A dozen eagles were diving, fishing, and aerial fighting near the Clarksville Riverfront Park yesterday during the Garden Club meeting. We had a great view from the Clarksville Visitor Center. It seems like more eagles are arriving daily on the Canadian express!”

7 thoughts on “An Eagle’s Perch

  1. Do you think it is worth a 4 hour trip one way to drive to Clarksville next week for the purpose of photographing eagles? And do you have any tips on locations and time of day? Thanks.

    • I would estimate there are 50+ eagles here this weekend. I was able to easily get the 2 photos I’ve posted from my truck off highway 79 over the last 2 days. I’m sure you will see eagles. Over the last 2 days I’ve had many photo oportunities, I would hope you would get your shots if you came.

      The Clarksville sponsored eagle program is this weekend and includes live eagle demonstrations by the department of conservation. It’s a garanteed photo oportunity.

      But, there have been better years here (200+). The river iced last week but has mostly melted this week. It’s not Alaska, but it’s not too shabby! We’d love to see you, but it’s up to you!

  2. Earlier this week when the fog just would not lift, I saw a photographer sitting in his/her car near the creek by the Boat Club waiting for that one shot when there might be a crack, a sliver of light…..the eagles sit in the cottonwoods & dive near the converging of creek/river.

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