Eagle Days 2012 Gallery

The weather has been amazing. The eagles are here and I’ve had a great time running around with my family and friends getting these shots. So far it’s been a busy weekend:

  • Stopped by the Clarksville Visitor Center.
  • Ate a BBQ pork steak plate at the VFW for lunch.
  • Hiked the Calumet Creek Trail to the foot bridge.
  • Warmed up with a hot drink at Cool Beans.
  • Got some nice pictures of eagles fishing in front of the Riverfront Park.
  • Got amazing close-ups of the Tawny & Bald Eagles at the World Bird Sanctuary program at the Apple Shed.
  • Took some out of town visitors to the ASL Pewter Shop in Louisiana, MO.
  • Stopped at the River Bluff park in Louisiana, MO for a great picture of the Mississippi River.
  • Had homemade chili, gumbo, & chik’n’noodle dinner at the homestead.
  • Hiked the eagle nest loop in the Clarence Cannon Wildlife Refuge.

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