Missouri State Chili Cookoff at the Pike County Fair

The Show-Me Missouri State Chili Cookoff at this year’s Pike County Fair was a wonderful experience for all the chili cooks who participated. The weather was hot. The chili was hot, but the beer, and tea was ice cold. We only wished a lot more people would have come to experience the chilis made by chefs from Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Arkansas. 21 Red Chili, 14 Green Chili, 12 Salsa and 15 Anything Goes Chili competed for prizes and a place to cook at the world competition.

Everyone cooked in the beer garden, next to the horseshoe pits and the peddle tractor pull track. Next year get out to the fair early and see a few things that go on during the day. They let you in and out of the fair all day.

Bill Blakey painted and framed some original watercolor paintings for the cookoff trophies.  They got a lot of attention from everyone cooking, because only a few would get to take one home.

Larry and Joyce Wright from St. Charles, Missouri won the Raintree Arts Council fund raising raffle for an overnight stay at Overlook Farms at Rackheath House or Cedarcrest Manor.

The Cookoff Results:


Anything Goes (the fund raising part of our event):

  • 3rd Place Carrie Capps (1st time for this event, did better than her husband)
  • 2nd Place Todd Finn
  • 1st Place George Rives


  • 3rd Mark Hurt
  • 2nd Todd Finn
  • 1st Bruce Brown Witchta , Ks. (going to the World)

Chili Verde

  • 3rd Larry Eastep
  • 2nd Robin Seuferer
  • 1st Scott Hunt( Bowling Green, Mo. going to the World)

Red Chili

  • Second and third were decided by breaking Tie
  • 3rd. Robin Seuferer
  • 2nd Shelby Lynn
  • 1st Mark Hurt Tolono, Il

Thanks to all the venue, sponsors, cooks, and volunteers for making this a very successful event.

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