Fall Paddle: Calumet Creek

On a sunny fall day a few weeks ago, I hauled my kayak down to the Corp of Engineer’s Calumet Creek (map) access and went for a paddle. It was a nice quiet solo 3 mile round trip with pretty late fall earth tone browns, dark greens, and many falling dry leaves. I saw just a single bright colored tree left hanging over a bend at the creek.

I started by accessing the creek under the foot bridge and paddling inland crawling over one log jam until the creek became too shallow. I turned around, climbed over the log jam again, and paddled back under the foot bridge.

After a sharp bend and under a leaning tree I passed a set of houses. By the look of it, everyone here knows how to fish. Throughout the bend, I would see groups of turtles slipping into the creek off their log perch or mud bank.

Just past here, I paddled under the highway 79 and railroad bridges, through a bottom-land nature reserve, and finally out to the Mississippi River.

I could see 2 river barges, the Lock and Dam #24, the bluffs just north of Clarksville, and the Illinois side. I took in the view, then captured it to share with you.

After a few minutes, I turned around and paddled back the way I came. Enjoy…

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