Windsor Chair Shop shows Boy Scouts Old Fashioned Chair Making

Ralph Quick, owner and master craftsman of the Windsor Chair Shop in Clarskville recently hosted the Boy Scout Troop 701 out of Columbia Missouri for an afternoon of hands on learning in traditional chair making.

We had a great day in the shop with a visit from the Boy Scout Troop 701 from Columbia, MO. They watched my friend Gary Douglas and I demo how our forefathers made colonial Windsor chairs by hand the old fashioned way.

Several of the scouts also got to give it a shot at using the old hand tools that were used as far back as the 17 & 18th century.

I could tell they all left with a whole new respect regarding our forefathers once it set in just how hard they had it back then to make the things they needed for every day living.

I’ll be posting some photo’s that Caron took of them assisting us steam bending wood for chair parts. Hope they all had a great time, I know we sure did. – Ralph Quick

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