April 17 High Water Predictions



38.1 Sny Island Cell #4 levee is overtopped.
37.5 This is the RECORD FLOOD LEVEL that was reached on July 29 1993.
37.1 Sny Island Cell #3 levee is overtopped.
36.76 This flood level was reached on April 24 1973.
36.25 Highway 79 is closed from one mile south of Annada to two miles north of Annada. Route H is closed from Annada to about one mile west of Annada. Also Route W is closed at Highway 79 in Clarksville for one block.
33.2 IL route 96 near Mozier inundated.
33.1 Route N is closed between Route D and Highway 79.
33 Clarksville city businesses from 1st Street to 3rd Street begin to flood.
31.5 Burlington Northern SF railroad tracks begin to flood. Also, Highway 79 closes one mile south of Clarksville.
31 The Clarksville Boat Club, south of Lock & Dam 24, begins to flood. First Street begins flooding. In Hamburg, Illinois, Water Street floods.
30 East bank (Illinois side) begins to flood. Highway 79 one mile south of Clarksville begins to flood.
29 Water enters the parking lot entrance at the Clarksville Riverfront Park.
27.2 Silo Park just northwest of Clarksville off Highway 79 begins flooding.
25.5 State Route P east of Elsberry begins flooding just east of the levee.
25.3 The road to Port Marmac, about 15 homes just south of Clarksville, begins flooding.
23.5 Flooding begins in unprotected areas
23 At this approximate stage, the Corps will take gates out of the river, creating “open river” conditions. This corresponds to an approximate stage of 155,000 cfs.

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