Peak Water

After just 3 days filling sand bags and building the Main St levee, Clarksville has been fighting back peak water for 2 days straight. The rise stalled in the high 34’ level and everyone felt at ease.

But by Monday morning, the water had risen another 1/2’ to 35.35’. The stress on the Main St levee was still increasing, shaking some nerves. Both the North and South side of the Main St levee needed reinforcement. The AmeriCorps team battled the North side wall with sandbag reinforcement, while the National Guard took over the South side with massive loads of new fill.

By 3:00 PM, the reinforcements added enough stability to settle nerves again. Teams began to take breaks, eat for the first time that day, and the bag supply finally began to pile up again. (Inmates from local prisons helped replenish sand bags all afternoon.)

After things settled down, I grabbed homemade food from the Clarksville Methodist Church and finally made my way home.

4 thoughts on “Peak Water

  1. This brings me home…remembering our times at home and the water up to my mother’s restaurant door. Thanks for letting us look into your current world there. Great pictures…looks like everyone has done their best to keep that river away.

  2. Those of us who have resided in Clarksville in years past still have the love for the town and so many people who remain there in our hearts. Our thoughts are with you!

  3. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to ALL the volunteers for their hard work and efforts in saving the town of Clarksville from the mighty Mississippi!

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