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Columbia Missouri Tribune’s Civil War Sesquicentennial Project

Porter In North Missouri

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A third force, under Maj. Henry Caldwell of the 3rd Iowa Cavalry, had about 240 men and was moving south from Mexico. It included elements of the 3rd Iowa, the 10th Missouri State Militia Cavalry and an independent company from Pike County called the Red Rovers.

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Overlook Farm in Clarksville Missouri Featured on KSDK 5’s Show Me in St Louis

Overlook Farm MOTwo stories featuring Overlook Farm in Clarksville Missouri can be seen on KSDK Channel 5’s Show Me in St Louis website:

Luv Luv Farm Festival at Overlook Farm

Jul 24, 2012 at 12:44 PM
(KSDK) — Overlook Farm in Clarksville, Missouri is hosting the third annual Luv Luv Farm Festival.The festival is August 10-12. Along with farm-to-table fresh food and live music, there will also be a silent auction to benefit Chefs4Students.
Jul 11, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Overlook Farm, in Clarksville, Missouri, is the perfect destination.

Just found this on Dr Debra Peppers blog: Shakin’ the Salt about long time Clarksville, Missouri residents, Duke & Bootsie Duvall. Enjoy.

Shakin' The Salt

I realize with every passing year how much I love and appreciate my  Daddy. I have written of him in several of my books, and joined authors  Dr. James Dobson, Philip Yancy, Rick Warren, Bruce Wilkinson, Gary Smalley, and John Trent in Embrace of Father. They also have heartwarming stories of their fathers, as do many of you. So in honor of great fathers everywhere, this is an excerpt from my book, It’s Your Turn Now, celebrating Daddy’s “Love Letter” written many years ago.

I was born on Father’s Day back in the 1950s to wonderful parents, but somehow being born on Father’s Day immediately made me “Daddy’s Baby Girl!” For twelve years I could do no wrong; then came my terrible teens! I wish I could take back those rebellious years, for I would never have chosen to be a high school dropout and runaway – especially back in the late…

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