Birding Near Clarksville Missouri

I found details of this recent trip in the Missouri section of the Sialia birders’ forum. It seems some birders from St Louis recently made a trip to Clarence Cannon NWR just south of Clarksville. I’ve added a few pictures to their report:

Date: 7/2/12 6:48 am
From: Cornelius Alwood <calwood…>
Subject: Clarence Cannon NWR–Pike County, MO

Yesterday morning four cars of birders converged on Clarence Cannon NWR looking for King Rails–no such luck. Nor did we see any bitterns, stilts or gallinules;

King Rail:

However, we did see Kites and, surprisingly, thirty or more Bobolinks, with the males still mostly in breeding plumage.

Mississippi Kite:


On a visit a month or so ago, the refuge was very dry. Yesterday there were extensive mudflats. We saw a Pectoral Sandpiper, four least Sandpipers and four Lesser Yellowlegs. Killdeer population is holding steady.

Pectoral Sandpiper:

Lesser Yellowlegs:


Connie Alwood
St. Louis County

Clarksville Community Chamber of Commerce March Newsletter

Clarksville Community Chamber of Commerce March Newsletter

Clarksville Community Chamber of Commerce March Newsletter

Spring is here, and it almost feels like summer. The weather has been great for outdoor activities and the St Louis Cardinals are already on their way to 12 in 2012. Locally, the weatherman doesn’t think it’s going to flood, and my buddy says we may be in for a bad year of stormy weather! I can’t remember the last time we had tornadoes in February.

Clarksville just finished the 50 Miles of Art Studio Tours over March 24th and 25th. Many shops, houses, and art studios opened their doors from Clarksville to Hannibal on a beautiful spring weekend.

Coming up: April 28th will be the second annual Diva Day in Clarksville. Gather your best girlfriends, your sisters, your Mom and head to Clarksville, Missouri’s DIVA DAY! The first 100 Divas get a free “Diva Bag” embellished by Clarksville Artists. Stay the weekend, shop, get free handmade goodies from selected stores.