Recovery Fund and Request Supplies

There are some perishables being donated from the kitchen to local families, breads, apples, etc. If you could put it to use, please contact Linda Blakey: 754-0335

The United Fund of Calumet Township has set up a site to accept donations AND REQUESTS for recovery supplies. If you have been affected by the flood and need assistance, please visit the link below to make your request or donation:

The waters are slowly receding and hopefully clean-up will begin soon. The AmeriCorps St. Louis may be available to help clean flooded houses. If you have been affected by the flood, please call a special hotline phone number setup by the City of Clarksville and AmeriCorps:

(314) 478-4846

The kitchen is is slowing down and will be serving breakfast & lunch food most of the day, but no longer serving full dinners.

Thanks to everyone who cooked, but food donations are no longer needed. Please donate through the United Fund of Calumet instead.

The kitchen expects to increase service again when clean-up is more active.

Calumet United Fund: 52 Years of Service, Ice Cream Social Aug. 26th

Calumet United Fund Ice Cream Social

On August 26, 2012 from 4:00 PM – 6:00PM , the Calumet United Fund will be honoring the founding board members at their annual ice cream social at the Clarksville River Front Park (or the Clarksville Apple Shed if raining). There will be amazing home made ice creams of various flavors including wild blackberry, peach, strawberry, pineapple, chocolate, vanilla and more. There will also be many home made cakes and pies for everyone to enjoy. Join the event via Facebook.

Bring your lawn chairs and listen to live music performed by local talents including:

  • Kaitlyn Held
  • Heidi & Nathan Adams
  • Debbie Ingram
  • Christian Lewis
  • Jennifer Eisenhower
  • Morrow Sisters
  • Starks Family
  • Jacob David
  • MEMCC Choir

A donation of $5 will get you a cake and ice cream serving and includes a bottle of water. You can also bring your old cell phone as a donation to be recycled by the Calumet United Fund. Don’t let your old phone sit in a drawer or go to a land fill. All money raised will be donated back into local community organizations, including:

  • After school programs
  • Meals for senior citizens and those in need
  • Support for local art programs
  • Athletic associations
  • Clarksville library and museum
  • OATS transportation for seniors

It was fifty two years ago that nine men and women from Clarksville, Paynesville and Annada Missouri, including my own grandfather G Jack Jones Jr., started a grass roots campaign for the benefit of our local community organizations. Today’s Calumet United Fund continues to strive in the original founders’ spirit of service to our community.

The Calumet United Fund hopes you can join them as they pay tribute to those original founding members from 1960:

  • Harry H. Crane: Clarksville, Missouri
  • Milton F. Duvall, Jr.: Clarksville, Missouri
  • William H. Guyton: Paynesville, Missouri
  • G. Jack Jones, Jr.: Clarksville, Missouri
  • Francis G. Luke: Clarksville, Missouri
  • Mrs. L. Bryant Mackey: Clarksville, Missouri
  • Mrs. H. A. Wells: Paynesville, Missouri
  • J. R. Whitmore: Annada, Missouri
  • J. D. Williamson: Clarksville, Missouri

Help support the organization that supports your community, the Calumet United Fund. “We’ll see you at the Ice Cream Social”.