50 Miles of Art this Weekend

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50 Miles of Art Festival Offers Marvels in Missouri Towns : STL Today

Sunday March 3rd’s St Louis Post Dispatch dedicated a full page to the upcoming 50 Miles of Art event March 23rd. The 50 Miles begins at Clarksville, MO, and continues on Highway 79 north through Louisiana, MO (10 miles north of Clarksville), and ends in Hannibal, MO (50 miles north of Clarksville).

Get a hold of the Sunday paper before it’s too late. Or read it online now: 50 Miles of Art festival offers marvels in Missouri towns : Stltoday.

Thanks a lot to the St Louis Post Dispatch and Jim Winnerman for the article and photos.

Illinois Stories: ASL Pewter

Pat and Tom Hooper share the craft of pewter making with Mark McDonald at their store, ASL Pewter, in Louisana, Missouri.

Louisiana Missouri is Clarksville’s big city to the North. 10 miles up the Mississippi, Louisiana is a lot like Clarksville. It’s a river town with some great working artists, eateries, city parks, and historic homes. ASL Pewter relocated from Clarksville a number of years ago to occupy a bigger historic building in downtown Louisiana.

I love visiting their shop. Browsing the old fashioned pewter-ware is fun enough, but Pat and Tom are so interesting and fun loving that I end up talking with them just as much. It never seems to trouble them to give you a tour of their workshop, and after a visit I always feel better about my attempts at a simpler life!

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Illinois Stories: Windsor Chairs

From Clarksville, Missouri, shop owner Caron Quick and chair maker Ralph Quick share their love and knowledge of building Windsor chairs with hand tools.

The Windsor Chair Shop is one of many unique Clarksville shops, and Ralph is one of Clarksville’s most recognizable and interesting members of the community. Visit their shop to see their award winning hand-made chair work. Bring a few questions and listen to a few stories. You won’t be disappointed!

Santa Claus visits Clarksville’s Santa Land this Saturday, December 1, 2012

  • Date: This Saturday Morning, December 1, 2012
  • Time: Santa arrives at the City Hall by fire truck at 11:00 AM sharp
  • Place: Santa Land, Clarksville City Hall, Santa’s cozy home away from home

With the mercury pushing toward 70 degrees today, it didn’t feel much like December outside. But tomorrow will be December, and Clarksville is set to welcome the one and only Santa Claus as he makes an annual visit to our holiday decorated town of Clarksville Missouri.

Mayor Jo Anne Smiley has worked wonders turning the City Hall into a North Pole away from home. The rest of the town has come together to decorate their stores, houses and street lamps.

Bring the kids, your wish lists, your camera, and your cheer.

Bankhead’s are Ready for Fall

Bankhead’s vegetable stand is open as their produce has shifted to late summer and fall seasonals. Bring your change and stop in their self service stand for fall ornamentals like Indian corn, gourds, squash, and mums. Or look over the last of the late season peppers, cabbage, and tomatoes. Here’s the latest price list I found on the board:

  • Mums: $6.00 / each
  • Squash: $1.25 / each
  • Bell Peppers 2 / $1.00
  • Tomatoes: $1.50 / lb
  • Cabbage: $1.25 / each
  • Small Peppers: 5 / $1.00
  • Pumpkins: Price as marked
  • Mini Pumpkins & Gourds: $1.00 each

Meet Me At Massiglia: Sat. Aug. 4, 2012

You’re invited to an Open House celebrating the new work featured at Massiglia Fine Arts in Clarksville Missouri. Meet artists in a great atmosphere and enjoy an evening of art, wine, chocolate, conversation and friendship.

  • When: Saturday, August 4; 5:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Where: Massiglia Fine Arts, Howard Street, Clarksville, Missouri

Join via Facebook, or simply show up.