History of the Community Chamber…

of Commerce of course… Realizing the importance of having civic organizations which would have the welfare and advancement of Clarksville as its main purpose, a group of local businessmen organized a Merchant Association as a medium for promoting and advertising Clarksville as a desirable trading center in March, 1934.

One of the Merchant Association’s first projects was to give out a coupon for each dollar a customer spent, and on Saturday afternoons, hold a drawing at the corner of Front and Howard for various small prizes, but one prize cow! This came to be known as Cow Day and drew large crowds to town.

In 1935 the Merchants Association helped the government determine the location of the Mississippi River Lock and Dam #24. And by 1938, the Merchants Association had officially become the Clarksville Chamber of Commerce.

Over the years, the Chamber has been instrumental in bringing business to Clarksville.

  • Mississippi River Lock and Dam #24
  • Paving Highway 79, and other city streets
  • Building a municipal light plant
  • Organizing a Fire Department

Today’s Community Chamber of Commerce is open to both business and individuals. Anyone and everyone with interest in our community is welcome to join the Chamber. Stop by a monthly meeting and help discuss what you think needs to be going on in the community. They’re held at the Clarksville Visitor Center. Check back here for specific dates.