Today’s Winter Wonderland

Pelicans and eagles are both roaming the skies today in Clarksville. Before I took my shift at the visitor center, I took a few pictures.

And I’ve had a few visitors stop by. A few friends and a few strangers. We all agree it’s been a great day to be out in Clarksville.

Pelicans Land in Clarksville

If you were in Clarksville this week, you couldn’t miss the number of pelicans flying around the riverfront. I had my camera with me, so I took a few photos.

You can also spot bald eagles in the trees and air. The pelicans floated south with the current until they were too far from the churning waters caused by the Lock & Dam. Then they would fly up to get close to the dam, and repeat. They were also grouped on the sandbar across the river.