Mayor’s Message

Much excitement recently centered on the re-opening of Highway 79 near Ashburn, Missouri. A ribbon cutting ceremony celebrated the accomplishment and highlighted the significance the closure had on several cities along the route. Specifically for Clarksville, Route 79 is a lifeline.

The Clarksville Street and Storm Water project is progressing. Two of the busiest streets, Kentucky and Mississippi, have smooth new surfaces and much of the ditching, piping, and culvert replacement throughout town is complete. The project work should conclude soon.

On October 27, Kathy Weiss was named the Water Operator of the Year by the Missouri Rural Water Association. This well deserved honor provides Clarksville with additional positive recognition and further confirms Kathy’s outstanding accomplishments in service to the Clarksville community.

Greeting and visiting with guests in Clarksville is a true delight. Receiving follow-up thank you messages further cements the impression this amazing community makes on those who find their way here. The accolades are many and often filled with a bit of envy that should make all Clarksville residents proud.

– Jo Anne Smiley, Clarksville Mayor