Trivia Night this Friday, Feb 10th

triviaHello everyone! We need your help repairing the Clarksville Visitor Center and Museum. We’d love skilled volunteers to evaluate the building’s needs and help us understand and budget for current and future costs. We’d also love to put together an easy to use donation pages where we can show you our budget, costs, & collections. I’m working on it, but I don’t have it done, (I mean started…) yet.

I will try to get some numbers in the next week to post here to give you all insight why it’s important to ask you to participate in this year’s first trivia night! I’ll be there with a table of 8 (I hope) in pursuit of my first trivial championship. So find someone who knows sports, another who read’s Us Weekly, another who watches too much TV, another who reads too many books, another who’s good at math, and that one friend that knows nothing but random so-called ‘facts’. Then pack the cooler and get there early to tailgate, decorate your table, warm up with a few speed rounds, and finally get your trivia on….

  • Trivia Night – Friday February 10
  • Proceeds benefit the Clarksville Museum & Visitor Information Center
  • American Legion Hall  – 504 S 2nd St (HWY 79) Clarksville MO 63336
  • Doors open at 6:30pm
  • $20 / person; 8 people / table
  • Beer, Soda, Snacks Included!
  • BYO’s cool too!
  • Winner prizes.
  • Silent Auction.
  • For more information call:
    • Sue Lindemann: (314) 401-8686
    • American Legion Hall: (573) 242-3490

An Eagle’s Perch

DSC_1282 (532x800)I found this eagle perched in a tree just off highway 79 just north of the Clarksville Visitor Center yesterday. I’d guess there are 40+ eagles around the Clarksville Lock & Dam. Sometimes they fly across highway 79 and perch in the bluffs just north of town. Otherwise they’re fishing just south of the dam or perched in trees off Clarksville Island.

Local eagle watcher Ron told me, “A dozen eagles were diving, fishing, and aerial fighting near the Clarksville Riverfront Park yesterday during the Garden Club meeting. We had a great view from the Clarksville Visitor Center. It seems like more eagles are arriving daily on the Canadian express!”