Snow Goose Migration Visits Clarksville

Snow Goose

Migrating Snow Goose

A lot of snow geese have arrived in the Pike and Lincoln county area over the last couple of days. I drove down highway 79 this morning and a gorgeous morning sky was filled with 1000’s of birds flying in their tell tale ‘V’ formation. There are even more in the fields off highway 79.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me (this image is borrowed from the web) but I hope to head out this weekend to get some good pictures. Stay tuned.

Eagle Season is Here!

Image by Clarksville's Kevin Massiglia

The Confluence Greenway is set to begin eagle watching season by hosting Eagle Days this weekend! Eagle lovers of all ages are invited to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge on January 14th and 15th to watch eagles fishing, soaring overhead and roosting in nearby trees.

Beautiful Clarksville, Missouri is also ready to welcome eagle lovers during their Eagle Days weekend of January 28th and 29th! Take a beautiful winter drive on the Little Dixie Highway of the Great River Road to reach Clarksville from the north or south.

Check out our annotated Google map of the amenities of Clarksville’s Eagle Day weekend.

During the winter, the Mississippi River hosts one of North America’s largest concentrations of bald eagles, who are drawn to areas of open water in search of fish, their preferred food. The Mississippi River Lock and Dam #24 located in Clarksville, Missouri is an ideal fishing ground for migrating eagles.

  • Live Eagle Educational Program: Clarksville’s presentation will be at the Apple Shed. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a few feet away from a live eagle! It’s free and gives everyone a chance for a great photo!
  • Eagle Viewing: Spend time on the waterfront with conservation agents and the amazing viewing scopes they bring. Grab a hot drink from town and stand near a bonfire to keep warm.
  • Clarksville Visitor Center will have more viewing scopes, children’s activities, and information about the natural beauty offered near Clarksville.
  • Grab lunch in town at the Eagles’ Bluff Restaurant, Clarksville Station, Bove’s Dry Saloon, or Cool Beans Cafe.
  • Visit Great River & Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuges or the new Calumet Creek trail for a more adventurous trip.

Things to Bring:

  • Binoculars: Short drives or hikes are available for the more adventurous, but you’ll need your own binoculars.
  • Warm clothes, hats, and gloves: If it’s not the 60 degrees it has been!
  • Camera: You have to get a picture of the eagles the conservation brings. They are amazing.
  • Questions: Conservation agents will be here to answer your questions.